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Have you ever thought about the amount of aggressions our skin is exposed to everyday even if you don't leave the house? Sweat, dust, air pollution, and on top of all that we even add a little bit of makeup. It is very important to remove it all before going to sleep and even if you don't wear makeup at all, a good cleansing before going to bed is essential to eliminate not just cosmetics but any trace of pollution and impurities that are in the air and accumulate together with the natural sebum.
You should gently wash your face every morning with proper products but it is by the end of the day that your pores get clogged and your skin needs to open up and breathe to restore during your sleep. If you want your skin to glow the next morning and for it to stay healthy these are the steps you should take on a daily basis to cleanse and remove all that makeup.


  1. First you should start by washing your hands. After all you are going to use them to clean your face. We don't want to ruin all that effort with dirty hands.
  2. In a soft tissue wipe or a cotton pad, pour a little bit of your favorite cleansing product whether it is makeup remover in lotion, micellar water or facial cleanser. There are products you can apply directly onto wet skin like gels and foams.
  3. Avoiding harsh rubbing, sweep the pad or your fingers over your face, specially on the T-zone and eye area (You should use proper products for the eyes because here skin is more sensitive and thin).
  4. Just repeat step 3 until your cotton pad comes free of all makeup. Use as many as you need too.
  5. Take a clean (Very important! some people use a new one every day), soft face cloth, rinse it on warm water and wipe away any residual impurities or product from your face.
  6. Apply a toner with a cotton pad. It helps skin restore its Ph levels.
  7. Moisturize. Always. If you don't, your skin will start to produce more sebum to compensate. And if it is oily, it will only get worse.
Once a week you should use a gentle face exfoliator to help remove dead cells. If you have dry skin, you can only use it every two weeks.
There is a wide range of makeup removal products nowadays. And there is one for every skin type. From gentle cleansers, to foams, face creams and towelettes, for waterproof makeup or for eye makeup. The price range is also big. Here are my suggestions.


Currently I am using Take It Away makeup remover lotion by Estée Lauder to remove makeup. In the morning and at night I use the liquid facial soap by Clinique. Which one do you use?

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